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A Hotel Reincarnates in Tokyo

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The Capitol Tokyu Hotel, a mid-range hotel in Tokyo’s exiting Akasaka district that was torn down about 7 years ago, has re-emerged with a stunning new building designed by super star architect Kengo Kuma (Nezu Museum, Hotaru Machi, One Omotesando, and Midtown Suntory Museum.)

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About ten years ago, the Japanese finally stopped building European look-alike hotels with French provincial furniture and chandeliers. In addition, this new generation of architects and interior designers has also managed to avoid post-modern clichés of the 90’s to create a form that is both contemporary and rooted in Japanese tradition.

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Paper is back! So is stone, bamboo, wood and water. Combined with ample use of glass and metal, the 14th century Japanese minimalism that inspired 20th Century modernism throughout the world is being redefined here, in the 21st century.

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Architects like Kuma and, of course, Tadao Ando, Yoshio Taniguchi, and SANAA Group, have emerged as world architectural leaders, with a growing list of commissions in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.


The result is a new architecture that is light, natural, clean, calming to the senses and inspiring.

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