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Food Shopping Redefined

Shopping is different here. We buy our bread from French-style bakeries where bakers bring out fresh-from-the-oven rolls, bread and pastries continually, throughout the day. There are (without exaggeration) dozens of such shops within my usual bicycling route. The variety within each shop is excellent and the variety between shops is staggering. Japanese have been winning baking competitions in Paris for years.

We buy all kinds of tofu from a young couple who sell from their tiny truck. Here is Ritsuko "shopping" at home.

Tofu small 2

Have you ever eaten tofu made the same day with several times as many soybeans per ounce than regular tofu, that is so creamy it tastes more like custard?

Tofu small

There are still tiny farms in and around our part of town, snuggled in between houses. This food vending machine sells such things as freshly picked spinach, the best pickled daikon radishes and free range eggs for a fraction of the super market price.


The vegetables sold at supermarkets in Kyoto all come from small farms within the city limits.