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Go'o Shrine, an Installation by Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto

World-renowned photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto’s installation at Naoshima consists of a shinto shrine connected to an underground room by a glass staircase.   Sugimoto is probably Japan’s best known photographer.  The style of shrine building chosen is a very simple one, more similar to the style of Ise Grand Shrine than of later, Chinese-influenced architectural styles.




After viewing the portion of the glass staircase that lies below the shrine, the viewer emerges from the sub-terannean chamber through a long corridor that perfecty frames the horizon.


The ocean horizon is one of Sugimoto’s favorite images.  An installation at Naoshima’s Benesse House showcases a dozen or so photographs of ocean horizons around the world.



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    We are going to have a glass of sake in your name tonight! We especially love this last award winning photo.
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    I check every week and your pictures and text are most interesting.
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