Nuno Heat Shrinking Mar20


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Nuno Heat Shrinking

Nuno Textiles, one of the world's premiere textile designer, speaks about their Heat Shrinking process:  A major synthetics manufacturer recently developed a new polyvinylchloride with enhanced heat-reactive properties. Boasting a shrinkage rate of nearly soo;0 at high temperatures, this fibre has found numerous industrial uses. In beer breweries, for instance, sacks woven of this fibre react to the heat given off by hops fermentation and automatically contract, thereby eliminating the need to transfer the mash to separate pressing vats.

Here at NUNO, we are always looking at new technologies and materials with an experimenting eye. Here, we adhered this new synthetic directly onto an ordinary polyester weave, stitching it down in different patterns before applying heat. This makes the new synthetic shrink and tug at its polyester backing, which ripples and buckles in strange ways. A further increase in temperature to above 200 degrees centigrade causes the synthetic to degenerate, leaving irregular organic pleats 'fixed' in the polyester. Irreversibly beautiful damage.





Heat shrinking 





Heat shrinking