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Japanese Contemporary Architecture-Creating an Archive

I have long been a contemporary architecture enthusiast.  Because I live in Japan, I have many opportunities to experience excellent, creative design,  since this country is a leader in the field.   The Japanese were actually well positioned to be an architectural leader.  They have had a strong economy, despite the long recession.  Though traditional in many ways, Japanese society is very future-oriented.  Because of their advanced technological know-how, they are able to manifest a wide range of design concepts.  In addition to their dedication to a high level of quality, they are inventive and highly experimental by nature. Finally, they are committed to architecture as an art form, and are willing to fund cutting-edge projects.

I am posting the following photos as part of my plan to to build an archive of exceptional buildings in this blog.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Contemporary Architecture-Creating an Archive

  1. Courtney Taylor

    Hi Steve! Love your blog and am very interested in contemporary architecture in Japan as well. What about contemporary art museums too? CFT

  2. stevebeimel

    Great idea Courtney. There are a number of really spectacular new museums that I would like to write about.
    I will soon post photos of the new design center in Tokyo.