Japanese Version

Jin Nanami


Jin Nanami design duo of Okura Naomi and Yamamoto Shizuko use brilliantly woven textile treasures from Kyoto’s Nishijin weaving district to create their original line of high-fashion, one-of-a-kind handbags. The tradition behind Japanese textiles goes back 1300 years.



The quality, intricacy of design and beauty of this particular kind of Japanese fabric, woven to be used as obi (wide belt for kimono), is legendary throughout the world. In order to weave such complicated, 3 dimensional woven pieces, professional weavers train for up to 10 years.



For the past 13 years, Naomi-san and Shizuko-san have been creating their handbags and other accessories with the Nishijin fabrics. Many of the obi are woven with pure gold. Gold leaf is first glued to handmade Japanese washi paper, then sliced into very narrow strips. The strips are then used as the weft on looms or they are wrapped around silk thread, then used either as warp or weft.


Jin Nanami bags are unusually light weight because both the exterior and interior are made from silk. These finely crafted bags go well with both Japanese kimono and western clothes.



Questions regarding these stunning, originally designed bags can be sent directly to the artists at the following address: shizuko.yamamoto@jin-nanami.com