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Kinosaki Onsen – Hot Spring Town Street Scenes

I just returned from Kinosaki—a hot spring town on the Sea of Japan.   At 4:30pm, the streets were filled with people going to and from various bathhouses, dressed in cotton Yukata robes.  Each of the town's hotels and inns provide a different pattern of robe to their guests, making a colorful street scene, on a warm March afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Kinosaki Onsen – Hot Spring Town Street Scenes

  1. Mora & Linda

    Kinosaki looks like a rather large onsen town. What fun to see your photos of all the young people enjoying the day as they walked from one onsen to the next. This sure brings back wonderful memories of the onsens we have enjoyed in Japan. Thanks, Steve!

  2. Mary Ann Downs

    So happy to see these photos and hear about March in a Hot Spring Town. This brings me joy! Thank you for sharing through your blog.