Makiko Shigeta Contemporary Kimono Artist

norimaki  REV
Kimono with Sushi motif.

Both a university-trained artist and a traditional wax resist silk dyer, Makiko Shigeta is helping to redefine kimono aesthetics for the 21st century.

soranoyukue REV
Kimono with modern cityscape motif.

Whereas the Japanese world of kimono art ranges from yuzen cherry blossoms created with dye applied with tiny brushes using a paste resist to very complex, three dimensional weaving, Shigeta's clever portrayal of every day articles is refreshing and original.

sushi REV
Another motif featuring sushi.

Though her themes are light and evocative, Shigeta's dyeing and design skill are first rate.

ebihurai  REV
Motif of deep fried shrimp.

gamaguchi_bag REV 2 gamaguchi_bag REV

kimono_suso  REV some REV