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Sayamaike Museum–Yet, another architectural gem by Tadao Ando

I knew nothing about the Sayamaike Museum, except that Tadao Ando designed it and that it is located in sub-urban Osaka.   After a relatively easy trip from Kyoto with a few train changes, I found that the site far exceeded my expectations. Ando combines light and water with poured-in-place concrete, wood and glass to create a poetic and playful public space that delights and surprises at every turn.

Sayamaike is Japan’s oldest irrigation reservoir, dating back to about 600AD.  The museum has very cleverly sliced a cross-section of the 1400-year old bank into a pyramid-shaped wall.


The entrance consists of several parallel waterfalls and parallel walkways running about 250ft in length.


The sound of the water faling is loud, clear and full of life.

3 thoughts on “Sayamaike Museum–Yet, another architectural gem by Tadao Ando

  1. Helen Hasenfeld

    I can’t say I wasn’t fairly warned! What a gem!
    It has many familiar features, especially from Naoshima.

  2. stevebeimel

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have about 40 images of Benesse House ready to upload along with an interview with Charles Bernstein about the site. Please stay tuned!