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Tokyo Street Fashion, September 2008: Harajuku and Shinjuku districts

Tokyo Street Fashion 9-08
Remember the old stereotypes about Japanese clothes, of men in black suits and armies of women wearing designer scarves?  Today, Japan is one of the world’s most creative fashion centers–on the high end as well as the grass roots level.  These photos were taken on a street corner near Shinjuku JR Train Station and in front of the La Foret building in Harajuku, a six-storied building features small, independently run, intensely innovative boutiques, where grass roots-inspired youth fashion attracts fashion spies from all over the world.  The nature of the street wear differs by Tokyo neighborhood.  Harajuku is very youth oriented, whereas the Aoyama district, located just a few blocks away, attracts an older, more elegantly focused demographic.  The Ginza, probably the world’s most celebrated and pace-setting fashion shopping district, attracts well-heeled people of all ages.

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    Hi Steve: Thanks for sending a Fantastic Site and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year from the States Seeing some of these sights brought back some incredible wonderful memories and thanks for including the Miho Museum. I showed a number of people the Kyoto Train Station …. they were very impressed by inter-action between trains, buses, shops,cafes and all the entertainment that goes on there. I call it the core of Kyoto …. I am still impressed that the trains were always on time and stopped at the designated stop and that we could catch a train with only minutes to spare…..you did an outstanding job Steve Thanks a bunch for all my memories. My very best wishes Pat

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