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  • July.30

    10 Things to Know about Kutaniyaki Japanese Ceramics by Japan Objects


    Japanese ceramics are highly sought-after by pottery lovers everywhere. One of the many reasons for their enduring popularity is the sheer variety of ceramic art in Japan, with almost every region producing their own specialized works (see our A-Z guide for more). Kutaniware, or kutaniyaki, is one of the most fascinating. What’s so special about…


    Evaluating Japanese tea bowls – KAKO Katsumi


    A potter with only one year of full time training could produce mass produced tea bowls using a mold, using an energy efficient electric kiln ensuring minimal damage to works during firing, resulting in a pleasant yet unremarkable bowl which retails for about $50.  KAKO Katsumi, who made the featured piece here, has about 30…


    WAKAMIYA TAKASHI Part of the new generation of lacquer artists

    July.04 Simon Pilling

    Japanese lacquer – urushi – is one of the wonders of traditional Japanese craft. From the moment of its discovery by the West, with the arrival of Portuguese traders in the mid-16th century, it was sought by royal, aristocratic and wealthy families in Europe and the United States. Inevitably expensive due to the time, patience…


    Kawai Kanjiro

    Jan.19 Robert Yellin

    Kawai Kanjiro By Robert Yellin In the wake of the great tide of industrialism in the early part of this century, something of the human touch and spirit was lost in everyday articles of use. It was with a sense of urgency that Yanagi and his lifelong companions, the potters Bernard Leach, Hamada Shoji, Tomimoto…


    Shifting Rhthyms: The Sculpted Moments of Shoko KOIKE

    Sept.14 Joan B. Mirviss

    By Joan B. Mirviss The third solo exhibition of celebrated artist, Shoko KOIKE will be held at Joan B Mirviss LTD. September 11 – October 19, 2018 Joan B Mirviss LTD 39 E 78 Street, New York, NY 10075 Shoko KOIKE (b. 1943) has always taken inspiration from nature, especially from the sea and plants….


    Traveling exhibition, Japanese contemporary ceramics: the Horvitz Collection PART II


    Hands & Earth: Six Perspectives on Japanese Contemporary Ceramics Biographical information by Joan Mirviss and Trevor Menders Now open at the Lowe Art Museum Image courtesy of Sokyo Gallery KINO SATOSHI (b. 1987) Fascinated by the potential of fired porcelain to mimic stone when polished, Kino Satoshi chose to focus on porcelain when in art…


    Shoji Hamada’s grandson, Tomoo, redefines his family’s sensibility for the 21st century


    by Robert Yellin, specialist in Japanese ceramics The perks and pressures of being the son of someone famous can be enormous. In Japan,


    Traveling exhibition shares masterworks of Japanese contemporary ceramics: the Horvitz Collection


    Hands & Earth: Six Perspectives on Japanese Contemporary Ceramics  .   . Now open at the Lowe Art Museum More than 40 important works created by 35 leading contemporary Japanese ceramic artists will be on view at the Lowe Art Museum from June 20 to September 23, 2018. All of the works are drawn from the…


    Nakamura Takuo: Contemporary Potter


    Nakamura Takuo is a contemporary potter who has reinterpreted the Kutaniyaki style of his native Kanazawa, by expanding its traditional 5-color Kutani color palette. He has done this through the application of traditional low-fire, over-glaze enamels to reddish, rough-hewn, unglazed surfaces. In addition, Nakamura-san’s functional pieces give us exciting new ways in which to experience…