I.M. Pei's Miho Museum

Miho Museum

Since the Miho opened in 1997, it has attracted visitors from all over the world. It is located in a nature preserve, outside of Kyoto. The 180,000 sq. ft. structure, built 80% underground to protect the surrounding environment, is constructed of steel, glass and French limestone. The site consists of three parts: the reception building, a long processional including a tunnel and the museum building, itself. Throughout the site, we can see Asian cultural references, including the modularized tatami-like bridge floor, light fixtures reminiscent of fans, and classic moon window, and Japanese andon lamps. The museum houses an exceptional collection of art and antiquities from Asia and Asia Minor, including 1st Century Gandaran Buddhist statuary from Pakistan and Afganistan, gold Jewelry from Bactria, 2000 year old treasures from the Silk Road, Egyptian art and one of Japan’s finer tea implement collections.

Miho Museum: Exterior Views

Miho Museum: Interior Views

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  1. Cristina


    I love your Blog. Surely, I will be sending it to friends.

    L & L for you and your family for 2009


  2. Lillian Rico

    Steve…You really get my wanderlust heart a-beatin’ and my gypsy boots a-tappin’ . Bless you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us and in such a creative style. Hugs, Lillian

  3. Lawrence Caminite

    Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

    I can have the ‘Japanese’ Experience I’m looking for from my own home. Love to you and your family. LL, Lawrence

  4. Barbara Buff

    Oh, Steve, you make me quite envious! On the other hand, no one deserves so much delight more than you.

    All best wishes for the new year — US and Lunar!

  5. judea

    I am putting Japan on my priority list thanks for all the incredible information. I love the way you describe things


    Hi Steve,

    Your blog gives us the wonderful experience of being with you again and very much reminds us of your guiding just the two of us through the Miho Museum. We have recently reviewed our itineray (Smithsonian 2006) with some friends (Mickie and David) who are planning to independently visit Japan this spring. Naturally we have referred them to you and sent them a copy of your exciting blog. We are so happy that your life is so full of what you love.

    With continuing appreciation for all that you have shared with us, Joanne and Allen