Just an Ordinary January in Paradise

January, 2010, began with a whirlwind of activities. A few days after joining tens of thousands of people celebrating New Years Day at various Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines, I began touring with a group of architects and artists. We visited all three Imperial villas in town: Katsura, Shugaku-in and Sento Gosho. We interviewed several Buddhist priests and drove out to see both I,M.Pei's Miho Museum and the stunning Sagawa Museum of Art in neighboring Shiga Prefecture, with a gallery built under the large pond with dark, roughhewn, wooden walls and floors, and minimal lighting focused on raku teaware by master potter, Raku Kichizaemon IV. Yesterday, we spend the day in Osaka and Hyogo, seeing masterpiece architectural sites designed by world-renowned Ando Tadao, including the mystical Temple of Water–an esoteric Buddhist Temple built under the ground beneath a lotus pond. Today, we spent the morning at Daitokuji Monastery and the afternoon at the solo show of ceramic Artist, Takemoto Ikuo (https://japanlivingarts.com/wordpress/?p=476). Photos will follow soon.

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5 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary January in Paradise

  1. Gail Rieke

    …and halfway around the world watching Jemez Pueblo dances… buffalo dancers, deer dancers, antelope dancers, the Baby Jesus House decorated with shawls covering the ceiling… fringes hanging down, baskets, deer heads with turquoise necklaces, the occasional random set of Chinese Pajamas!… The world is an amazement, ne?

  2. Marjorie Eaton

    And dear Steve,
    as I sat to eat lunch today, what to my wondering eyes appear, but Paul Kaye and Ronnie Beimel eating lunch together again at Prana.
    As the world turns – it gets better and better with us all keeping in touch.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures on the article you just posted.
    Love to you and Ritsuko, Marjorie

  3. Mora Chartrand-Grant

    Happy New Year, Steve. Loved reading about your latest jaunts and cultural experiences. As you always do, you brought back exquisite memories for me, especially the raku exhibit at the Sagawa Museum. The entry area to the raku exhibit was the best “spa” exoerience I’ve had in a long time. It’s as if time stood still and my body relaxed completely while viewing those amazing works of art.

  4. Mike McFarland

    Happy New Year Steve.. I always look forward to your latest experiences and to “meet” the people you introduce. You bring much needed light into my life…..thanks.
    Looking forward to more amazing people and their lives.