Noguchi and Izumi-Stone House in Shikoku

Today, I entered a house of stone.  Honey warm in the afternoon light.  A private home on Shikoku Island in southern Japan.  Built by Isamu Noguchi and Masatoshi Izumi in 1972.  Based partially on impressions of houses in Ahmenabad, India.

The lead photo in the above slide show is by Gail Rieke.

A tropical space, open to the outdoors and to Noguchi's stone sculptures in the garden.  I remember the bar-b-que party I attended there, ten years ago.  That night we cooked fish and vegetables over hot coals in the courtyard.  Light filtered through the white mulberry paper of Noguchi's paper lamps and illuminated the meal like candles.  Noguchi once said, all that is required to create the perfect space is a bedroll and a really good lamp.  Somehow adding a meticulously built stone house adds much to that equation.

3 thoughts on “Noguchi and Izumi-Stone House in Shikoku

  1. Mora & Linda

    Even though it’s been a several years since our last visit to Noguchi’s stone garden and the Izumi stone house, I am still in awe of it all. How nice were we all to enjoy such incredible surroundings. Thanks for the memories, Steve!

  2. jim

    thanks for posting this… i’m a huge devotee of noguchi’s sculpture as that was my education… he along with brancusi have shaped the way i see form but i haven’t seen much of the architecture.