Ronnie Beimel Scholarship Fund

In honor of our dear colleague, friend, cousin, nephew, fiancée, future son-in-law, brother and son

The Ronald Beimel Scholarship fund has been created to honor Ronnie’s memory and to inspire others going forward with both his passion for life and his highly focused pursuit of his dreams. We have chosen to focus on Japanese fine carpentry by providing scholarships to young construction carpenters in Japan, with the intention of reversing the rapid decline in the highly refined, wood joinery of Japan that Ron loved so much.  Through the scholarship, the inspiration of Ron’s lifelong pursuit of excellence and his generosity of spirit will live on in the hearts of future master carpenters.

The Ronnie Beimel Scholarship Fund: Turning young construction workers into a master carpenters.

Our goal is to raise $10,000, which will provide one-year scholarships to five advanced carpentry students at the School of Traditional Building Arts (Shinmachiya Juku), in Kyoto, Japan, which we founded in 2019.The scholarships will be awarded based on a competitive application process.  The source of the gifts will be explained so that each applicant will fully understand both the honor and love that comes with this award.  

Please consider joining us to ensure that the inspiring life of Ron Beimel lives on in the hearts of young people. Contributing donors will each receive a quarterly update of the progress of their young recipient on their path to mastership and as they take their place at the forefront of a new, revitalized carpentry movement in the 21st century.

Upon granting your scholarship, we will (optionally) connect you to your young scholarship recipient. He/she will contact you by email, share their life story, their photograph and their vision for the future.

How to participate and adopt a future Master!

A $2000 contributionpays for a one-year scholarship in full and a $1000 contribution pays for a half-year scholarship. 

Smaller contributions (any amount) will be combined with others to form $2000 scholarships.

The easiest way to donate is through our Paypal account at donate@japancraft21.com

Alternatively, checks can be made out and mailed to Steve Beimel, Ichihara-cho 163-7, Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 601-1123


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