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Shugaku-in: Spring is Here – a Visit to an Imperial Villa

Spring has arrived one week early this year. Kyoto is already blooming with snow willows and plums. I saw the first cherry blossoms today, along the Kamo River. I have spent the past two weeks guiding an artist and a professor of landscape architecture to all of my favorite gardens in Kyoto. A few days ago we visited Shugaku-in Imperial Villa. Built in the 1600's as a retired emperor's country villa, Shugaku-in consists of  three sections and is completely surrounded by working vegetable and rice farms on about 140 acres of land.  Located on the slopes of the eastern hills, just 20-minutes bike ride from my house ,  this immaculately maintained estate is an excellent example of tea inspired sukiya-style architecture.  Admission is free-of-charge and is limited to 60 visitors at a time.  An appointment to visit can be obtained through the Imperial Family Household offices.

My clients remarked that whereas many great cities in the world may have a few truly outstanding garden sites to visit, Kyoto easily has enough spectacular sites to keep avid garden enthusiasts completely engaged for a long, long time.

Author: stevebeimel

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