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Fukami Sueharu: After 20 years, an overnight success

I first saw the work of Fukami Sueharu-san while walking down Gojozaka in Kyoto, nearly 10 years ago. My colleague, Nancy Craft, and I spotted his work in a gallery window. Our jaws dropped to the ground. Neither of us had ever seen such striking work. That afternoon, Nancy and I visited indigo-artist Fukumoto Shihoko-san’s studio.  Again, our jaws dropped to the ground.  Coincidentally, for the second time that day and the second...

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Nishimura Tokusen, 4th generation Kyoto ceramic artist

Going to Takashimaya in Kyoto in 2009 reminds me of getting dressed up and going to a department store in the U.S. …in 1953. I find that I really like this kind of special outing. Art galleries in Japanese department stores are the most prestigious places for an artist to show, and Takashimaya is one of the best. I attended the show of Nishimura Tokusen, 4th generation Kyoto ceramic artist who specializes in porcelain tea ware....

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