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Recently torn down: Takamatsu Shin's Kirin Plaza in Osaka.

Kirin Plaza

Update 5-09: This building has recently been torn down: Located on the most prominent street corner in the heart of Osaka’s exciting Shinsaibashi entertainment district, is Kirin Plaza, designed by renowned Kyoto-based architect, Takamatsu Shin.  In this already highly stimulating neighborhood of neon and assertive signage competing for our attention,  Takamatsu chose large, minimalist volumes and simple detailing for Kirin Beer’s high profile theme building. The size of the entries is exaggerated by high arches.  Also characteristic of Takamatsu’s other work,  Kirin Plaza is boldly futuristic, with the facade dominating the area.  During the day, the building appears silent and black.  At night, its four otherwise non-functional towers are illuminated, thus transforming both structure and surroundings of this frenetic district into a quieter, more powerful and majestic place.

Kirin Plaza

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