Japanese Version

SHODO-The art of black and white

I have always loved calligraphyРbold black strokes on a pure white background. Even before I knew what the characters meant, I was fascinated by this art created in one moment in time. Where the western calligrapher expresses creativity, individuality and depth of personality. Just as in other traditional arts such as Chado (the Way of Tea), Kado (the Way of Flowers) and kendo (the Way of the Sword), the long term effect of...

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Calligraphy Continued: Kyoto Artist, Shotei Ibata

Much of the history and culture of east Asia is expressed in the Chinese writing system, consisting of thousands of characters that can each be written in one of five very different calligraphic styles. The possibilities for execution and interpretation of those characters in art and literature are almost endless. Shodo has long been considered the master art of Asia and all educated, cultured people have studied it. It formed a...

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