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Kimono Refashioned

Feb.23 by Steve Beimel

San Francisco Asian Art Museum explores impact of kimono on global fashion On view from Feb. 8 through May 5, 2019 Evening dress, Autumn/Winter 1991, by Rei Kawakubo (Japanese, b. 1942) for Comme des Garçons Noir. Silk taffeta with hand painting. Collection of The Kyoto Costume Institute. © The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Takashi…


Going the Tourist Route (for a few hours)

Feb.17 by devapnek

Dianne recalls her spring 2018 visit to her second home, Kyoto. Today we merged with a few of the thousands of Chinese tourists who come to Kyoto to view the cherry blossoms. There are droves of Chinese tourists who flock here eager to shop and have fun. Young Chinese women dress up in brightly colored…


Enoura Observatory Part I – Glass Noh Theater Stage


by Steve Beimel Hiroshi Sugimoto inspires me. He is an artist of many forms and his exceptional eye and minimalist Japanese sensibility help to elevate our standards of beauty. I recently visited the Odawara Art Foundation Enoura Observatory, Sugimoto’s latest installation located about an hour south of Tokyo. The project combines his vision as architect,…


A Taste of Culture ODEN


by Elizabeth Andoh ODEN おでん Japan’s iconic ODEN is a slow-simmered, hodgepodge: fish sausages, daikon radishes, octopus, potatoes, boiled eggs, konnyaku (a broth-absorbing, speckled aspic processed from a tuber vegetable), and all sorts of tōfu. On the first chilly nights of autumn, oden is welcomed back to the family dinner table, pub-like izakaya menus and…

Read about Honjo Sensei at Japan Living Arts.

Memorial to the late Honjo Soji: A Master Acupuncturist and Moxibustionist


My doctor in Japan for many years, HONJO Soji was a true master of moxibustion. Below, I re-post my article from 2009. I used to think that all doctors’ offices were located in medical buildings with names like New West Professional Plaza and a pharmacy on the first floor, a huge parking lot and long…


Cetaceans in the Sea of Okhotsk

Sept.07 by Mark Brazil

Cetaceans in the Sea of Okhotsk By Mark Brazil Blue above then blue below. Viewed from just below the pass at Mt Mokoto on the northern rim of the Kussharo Caldera, a low sea of cloud blankets Kussharo-ko, Japan’s largest caldera lake, from view. Beyond the rugged, forested far rim of the caldera to the…