Living Arts Places to See Susan Pavioska / Kyoto Journal

KYOTOGRAPHIE has been successful partly because photographic images have the ability to transcend linguistic differences through ishin denshin: wordless communication, heartstrings vibrating in harmony.“Vibe,” which situates ishin denshin within a specific locale, is a fitting theme for the photography festival, now in its seventh year.

Of the eleven main venues, “The Forms of Nature: 100 Years of Bauhaus” illustrates this theme the most faithfully. Alfred Ehrhardt’s large-format and vintage print black-and -white photographs of shells, corals, and North Sea tidal flats look uncannily like protozoa, skin, and hair seen through a microscope, and, as curator Sonia Voss points out, are reflected by the green “macrocosm” of Ryosokuin Temple’s extensive gardens outside the window.

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