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Toko Shinoda’s calligraphy at its best


When I was producing calligraphic specimens of the words I particularly liked – the words like 「flame」, 「river」「tree」and 「snow」, Felt chagrined that they were not of my own creation. I became unbearably envious of those who created such words. As feeling envy for others constituted a gross breach of ladies’ code, I decided to someday…


Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, Part 2


Welcome to an enlightening virtual videoexhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, showcasing the genius ofJapanese Kimono.


Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, Part 1


Welcome to an enlightening virtual video exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, showcasing the genius of Japanese Kimono.  



Apr.26 Meher McArthur

Many centuries ago, the Chinese Daoist sage Zhuangzi famously wondered, “Am I a man who just dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly now dreaming he is a man?” The Japanese Buddhist nun and artist, Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875), wrote the following poem, Cho (Butterfly) in her exquisite calligraphy, both on the scroll below and…



Apr.21 Amy Katoh

Things were different at our recent 10 Day Tokiwa Gallery! Silly! Quirky! Unexpected! Laughable! and Surprising! Starting with a SPECTACULAR SHISHI MAI DANCE performed by Father and Son who live in the neighborhood. Son, an evolved and accomplished 40 year old Down’s Syndrome artist, was the head. Father was the tail. Their teamwork, punctuated by…


Architect Charles Bernstein, A.I.A., comments on the Church of Light by Ando Tadao


  Charles Bernstein, A.I.A. This poetically designed church was completed in 1995 on a low budget, and won Ando the Pritzker Award. The relatively small structure is located in a suburb of Osaka. Like most of Ando’s work, the building materials consist of glass, steel and of course, poured-in-place concrete. In addition to evocatively placed…


Welcome to Buaiso

Mar.17 Gail Rieke

On November 15, 2019 our group of travelers had the great privilege of taking an indigo workshop at Buaiso’s home in Tokushima We were welcomed by the young farmers, dyers and business associates who served us lunch and indigo tea. Kakuo Kaji then showed us various methods of resist dyeing and we folded and clamped…


Artist Presentation of Tanabe Chikuunsai IV at Tai Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 27, 2019


Tai Gallery was humming with enthusiasm for the artist presentation of one of the masters of Japanese basketry, Tanabe Chikuunsai IV. As guests found their seats, they could view a lively stop frame animation showing this revered artist and his apprentices constructing a huge bamboo installation at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. A…


A Visual Love Letter to Kyoto

July.09 Gail Rieke

“In that instant I knew that Kyoto had installed itself inside me much deeper than mere fancy. No other place I knew took me back so far and so deep, to what seemed like a better time and self. And as I wandered back in the dying light, lit up with a sense of rapture…


WAKAMIYA TAKASHI Part of the new generation of lacquer artists

July.04 Simon Pilling

Japanese lacquer – urushi – is one of the wonders of traditional Japanese craft. From the moment of its discovery by the West, with the arrival of Portuguese traders in the mid-16th century, it was sought by royal, aristocratic and wealthy families in Europe and the United States. Inevitably expensive due to the time, patience…