Moving at human speed by Gianfranco Chicco

You can tell that September was the busiest time at work when all I could manage to write about was putting tomatoes on handmade ceramic plates and sharing daily Instagram Stories about preparing matcha (抹茶, Japanese powdered green tea) in a proper teabowl using a bamboo whisk. Truth is, these things were a palliative to a hectic period.

Running events like London Design Festival and London Design Biennale is inherently stressful. Once I walk into the workplace I have little control on how the day is going to turn out: open office space, last minute changes, getting things done across multiple areas always on a tight deadline and dealing with hundreds of different partners.

My morning ritual of taking fifteen minutes to prepare matcha is a way to create an oasis of calm before venturing into the desert. Making the time to partake in the way of tea rather than drinking it on the go from a paper cup or using a tea bag offers the opportunity to slow down, to be present and feel more. Either as a solo practice or as part of a gathering with others, tea allows me to increase the resolution at which I experience life.

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