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  • May.10

    Tap Dancing Kabuki by Dianne Vapnek


    “Have you seen the video of the tap dancing kabuki actor?” asked my American friend living in Japan. For real??, I asked.  “I’ll send you a link.” “Tap dancing kabuki actor” felt like an oxymoron for my mental inventory of a tap dancer.  Think:  The Nicolas Brothers, Gene Kelly, Sammy Davis Jr., Bill “Bojangles” Robinson,…


    Kabuki actor plays a drunk imitating a man who is imitating a woman inspired by 1930’s African American tap dancers


    3 minute video The late kabuki actor, NAKAMURA Kanzaburo V, performs a comedy medly of dance styles inspired by a number of famous kabuki performers of the 20th century.  Biography  Nakamura died at the young age of 57, in 2012. The 3 minute video focuses on a legendary 1930’s tap dance-inspired performance.  If you have…