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  • Sept.28

    Traditions: from copying to rebellion to transcendence by Gianfranco Chicco


    When we think about traditional craft objects, the first image that comes to mind is that of old things, vintage looks, nostalgia and remote origin stories. However, traditions are living entities. They have to be born before they get a chance to establish themselves, they grow and evolve, and sometimes they die too. The evolution…


    The Enduring Charm of Japan’s First Porcelain


    Frequent JLA contributor Alice Gordenker shares her appreciation for a type of Japanese antique porcelain that has captivated people all over the world for more than 400 years. For a comprehensive introduction to Imari ware, and some lovely photographs, please take a look at her new article on the All About Japan website.  


    Isohi Setsuko basketry show at Tai Modern in Santa Fe

    Aug.19 Gail Rieke

    A wonderful show of contemporary basketry features the work of Isohi Setsuko. A relatively young woman in a field of craft dominated by elder men, this woman has shown herself to be extraordinary in design, skill, and inventiveness. Her lightness of touch and bold forms weave exquisite materials to honor her teachers and inspire future…


    Japanese Hikihaku Weaving (9-minute video)

    May.08 Steve Beimel

     The Victoria and Albert Museum introduces one of the world’s greatest textile treasures, Japanese Hikihaku, an age-old weaving process that combines silk, handmade paper, gold leaf and such things as lapis lazuli or mother-of-pearl. Follow the process from concept to completion as overseen by 10th generation textile producer Kondaya Genbei, in Kyoto.


    In Search of Forgotten Colours

    Apr.15 Steve Beimel

    World-renowned master textile dyer Sachio Yoshioka is featured in this 18-minute video  about the Art of Natural Dyeing.


    Artist Presentation of Tanabe Chikuunsai IV at Tai Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 27, 2019


    Tai Gallery was humming with enthusiasm for the artist presentation of one of the masters of Japanese basketry, Tanabe Chikuunsai IV. As guests found their seats, they could view a lively stop frame animation showing this revered artist and his apprentices constructing a huge bamboo installation at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. A…


    Bamboo Artist Seiho KIBE opens at TAI Modern in Santa Fe


    The work of Seiho KIBE is currently being shown in his second U.S. solo at Tai Modern Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, until July 13, 2019. Ten years ago, Seiho KIBE had his first solo show in the United States at TAI Gallery in Santa Fe. Now, he is returning to show his new…


    Zenzo Fukushima: Keeper of Koishiwara Ware

    June.03 Alice Gordenker

    Two years ago, at the age of 58, potter Zenzo Fukushima was tapped to become what is commonly known as a “Living National Treasure.” The title, one of Japan’s highest honors, is often misunderstood to be recognition of an individual’s superior accomplishment. In fact, it is a directive from the nation to preserve something that…


    Matsumoto Sachiko: Bringing Japanese Crafts to the World


    Matsumoto Sachiko: Bringing Japanese Crafts to the World by Elle Murrell “The only thing I took to Canada from Japan was pottery. I still remember holding that cup in both hands and experiencing a profound sense of comfort,” she recalls. “My roommate pointed out that I looked quintessentially Japanese, cradling the cup as I drank…