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  • Dec.31

    Japanese Women Artists You Should Know: Meet Eugénie O’Kin


    By Alice Gordenker There was a Japanese female artist active in Paris in the early decades of the 20th century but chances are you’ve never heard of her. It doesn’t help that most of her work remains in private hands, or that she called herself by several different names. But the carved bowls, vases and…


    Contemporary glass artist Miya Kitamura

    Nov.14 Dasha Klyachko

    Contemporary glass artist Miya Kitamura Valuing beauty in the everyday object By Dasha Klyachko Miya Kitamura was born into a family of traditional ceramic artists in Kyoto and was making ceramics from an early age. Though she studied ceramics in high school and college, and was expected to take over the family business, Kitamura felt…


    Glass artist brings Japanese sensibility to Venetian lace technique: Ushio Konishi

    Sept.18 Dasha Klyachko

    One of Japan’s more established contemporary glass artists, Ushio Konishi, is a world leader in the Venetian lace glass technique. This involves creating glass rods with a ‘lace’ pattern before blowing and shaping the final piece. The rods, also known as glass canes, are made by skillfully and delicately twisting molten glass of different colours,…


    Contemporary Glass Artist Takeshi Sano


    by Dasha Klyachko, specialist in Japanese contemporary glass                                                                     Contemporary glass art combined with Japanese sensibility philosophy and aesthetic Although records show that…


    HORIKI Eriko: Pioneer on the Washi Frontier

    Jan.18 Contemporary Art

    Traditional handmade washi paper can be found everywhere in Japan, from name cards to beautiful wrapping paper.  But washi as large format installation art, using paper tapestries up to 50 feet long, brings this ancient process to a new artistic level altogether.


    Opposites Attract: Dyers and Innovators, Shigeki and Shihoko Fukumoto – part 1 (re-post from 2010)

    Sept.10 Indigo

    In Collaboration with Photographer, Helen Hasenfeld © Photos by Helen Hasenfeld By Steve Beimel and Rob Schultheis Shigeki and Shihoko Fukumoto are dyeing artists — and husband and wife. They met while in university, traveled and grew together, and now in their early sixties they are known for their innovations in dyeing techniques. These days…