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Art educator Judy Callander writes about ZEN PAINTING: CATFISH, GOURDS, AND SELF REALIZATION The visitor who arrives to view the gardens of the Taizo-in sub-temple of Kyoto's spacious Myoshin-ji Buddhist compound is immediately greeted by a painting on the verandah-a painting which places Taizo-In as an historical site for Zen teaching. The painting is, of course, a replica; the original, a National Treasure, is now safe in the...

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Toko Shinoda Painter and Printmaker Extraordinaire

Distinction, an original painting. Steve here: I have asked longtime Tokyo resident and modern Japanese print and painting expert, Norman Tolman, to share with us about one of his favorite artists. Norm Tolman: Toko Shinoda continues to confound the critics with her work as she has from its very beginning.  Is it traditional?  Well the materials are – hand-made washi and mashi paper, silver, gold, and platinum leaf, old sumi ink...

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Allan West: Nihonga Artist

Tucked away on a narrow street in one of Tokyo’s oldest and most interesting neighborhoods is the studio of Nihonga artist, Allan West. Allan and I met a few years ago, when we were fellow lecturers for an international conference in Kyoto. Nihonga is a fascinating medium with strong roots in traditional Japanese painting and some western influence. Its development into a modern Japanese art form came about shortly after Japan opened...

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