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Fascinating Japanese Photography by Sophie Bernard

May.13 Steve Beimel

@Untitled, from the series « Pretty Woman », 2017 © Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation. Courtesy of Akio Nagasawa Gallery Two outstanding 20th century Japanese photographers featured in an exhibition in Paris, entitled Moriyama–Tōmatsu: Tokyo. Venue: Maison Européenne de la Photographie Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tōmatsu had envisaged this project together, but the death of the…


Japanese Hikihaku Weaving (9-minute video)

May.08 Steve Beimel

 The Victoria and Albert Museum introduces one of the world’s greatest textile treasures, Japanese Hikihaku, an age-old weaving process that combines silk, handmade paper, gold leaf and such things as lapis lazuli or mother-of-pearl. Follow the process from concept to completion as overseen by 10th generation textile producer Kondaya Genbei, in Kyoto.


Japanese Women Artists You Should Know: Meet Kajiwara Hisako

May.03 Alice Gordenker

Few people today have heard of Kajiwara Hisako (梶原緋佐子, 1896-1988) so it is welcome news indeed that four of her paintings have been included in a major exhibition in Japan this year. Kajiwara was a Nihonga painter, active in Kyoto, who worked primarily in the “bijinga” genre of lusciously detailed images of idealized female beauty….


In Search of Forgotten Colours

Apr.15 Steve Beimel

World-renowned master textile dyer Sachio Yoshioka is featured in this 18-minute video  about the Art of Natural Dyeing.


Japanese Women Artists You Should Know: Meet Shima Seien

Apr.02 Alice Gordenker

By Alice Gordenker Shima Seien (島成園, 1892–1970) worked as a Nihonga painter at a time when few women in Japan were able to pursue art as a profession. Throughout her career, she struggled against overt discrimination against women artists. This frustration is palpable in her 1918 painting “Untitled” (無題), in which a woman in a…


Kengo Kuma builds temporary pavilion in japan from cross-laminated timber panels


Kengo Kuma and associates (KKAA), the firm led by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, has designed a temporary pavilion for events and performances in Harumi, Tokyo.  The semi-outdoor space was built using a steel frame infilled with panels made from cross-laminated timber.  T These CLT panels measure 160 x 350 centimeters (63 x 138 inches) and…


Toko Shinoda’s calligraphy at its best


When I was producing calligraphic specimens of the words I particularly liked – the words like 「flame」, 「river」「tree」and 「snow」, Felt chagrined that they were not of my own creation. I became unbearably envious of those who created such words. As feeling envy for others constituted a gross breach of ladies’ code, I decided to someday…


Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, Part 2


Welcome to an enlightening virtual videoexhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, showcasing the genius ofJapanese Kimono.


Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, Part 1


Welcome to an enlightening virtual video exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, showcasing the genius of Japanese Kimono.