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  • Aug.22

    Steve Beimel’s Collected Facebook Posts 5/30~6/10


    Japanese Dolls as Fine Art: The figure depicted is a townsman of the pre-modern period attending a local neighborhood Shinto festival. Stunning realism is seen in the facial expression and natural body posture. Pay close attention to the detail of the hands. Artist: HORIBE Shinko 日本人形、堀部信子作   Tokyo-based Nuno Textiles is one of the world’s…


    Steve Beimel’s Collected Facebook Posts 5/24~30


    “Moon Waves” is a contemporary work of art created in washi, traditional handmade Japanese paper, which the artist creates with raw pigment-colored mulberry bark fibers. Thin tengujo washi and silk are also part of the work. Having lived her entire adult life in Kyoto, artist Sarah Brayer is one of the world’s leading artists working…


    Steve Beimel’s Collected Facebook Posts 3/1~15


    Ceramic Artist:  FUKAMI Sueharu, large celedon porcelain sculpture 深見陶治作、青磁の彫刻 ニュース: 伝統工芸再生コンテストー7月6日 オンラインアワードセレモニー News: Traditional Craft Revitalization Contest-July 6th On-line Awards Ceremony Ceramic Artist: KOHYAMA Yasuhisa, Shigaraki stoneware vase 神山易久作、信楽焼、 Architect: Keiji Ashizawa Design, mountain retreat home 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所:山の別荘 Made in Kyoto’s Nishijin district, this Kimono Obi (sash) is one of the great craft treasures of Japan….