Kishio Suga on Paper by Pen

Alongside the first-time English publication of his essays, an exhibition on the Mono-ha artist surveys his extensive work on the medium.

Kishio Suga’s sculptures and installations are muted, simple in their elements. But after close observation, one may notice the hidden truths of our surroundings beginning to articulate themselves.

An exhibition running from January 15 to February 26 2022 at Blum & Poe gallery in Los Angeles is dedicated to Kishio Suga’s works on paper—a comprehensive survey of the medium through pieces rarely displayed outside of Japan—and highlights a keen approach to a substance with a radical history. As a key figure of Mono-ha, a minimalist movement lead by Japanese and Korean artists throughout the 1960s and 1970, a special importance is attached to materiality through his artworks, which delve into the boundary between the natural and artificial. Amongst his own large-scale installations and wall-mounted assemblages incorporating stone, steel plates, glass, cotton, leather, wire, and other matter in ephemeral states, paper has been integral as a unique material in which semiotic conventions are enframed.

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