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Journey to Koya-san in the snow

On this hot and sunny summer day in Kyoto, it is easy to think back about a couple of days spent walking and photographing last January, in a snow covered village of temples on Koyasan (Mt. Koya). The village was founded in the early 800’s and is home to about 100 temples. Surrounded by six mountains, the quiet town is dedicated to chanting and prayer. I stayed at one of the many temple lodges and ate meticulously prepared and...

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Yasui Yuji-san: A man of conviction and passion

There are places of beauty that touch me, but the garden at out-of-the-way Rengeji Temple in northeastern Kyoto is one of my favorites. The shady courtyard entry was planted in wildflowers by resident priest Yasui Yuji-san, a passionate environmentalist. By impeccably maintaining the 400-year old Tendai Buddhist site, he provides us with a richly contemplative atmosphere. Rengeji a very special place for those who find their way to...

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