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Koho Tatsumura’s contemporary designs in the hands of the world’s finest weavers

Aug.09 Contemporary Art Kyoto

Koho Tatsumura Nishiki Weaving for the 21st Century. Japanese weaving is so intricate and thus so stunningly beautiful that experts worldwide have come to both describe it and distinguish it from ordinary brocade simply by using its Japanese name, Nishiki (pronounced as in knee-she-key.)

Yonezawa Bamboo Art

Innovative Bamboo Basket Artist, Yonezawa Jiro-san, returns to Japan.

Feb.27 Contemporary Art

Almost completely unknown in the west until about 15 years ago, Japanese artists specializing in one-of-a-kind bamboo baskets have since gained a considerable international following.   I had long heard about one such artist, Yonezawa Jiro-san, and was finally able to meet him the other day, in the city of Oita.  After 17 years living in…