Contributor: Dasha Klyachko


Contemporary glass artist Miya Kitamura

Nov.14 Dasha Klyachko

Contemporary glass artist Miya Kitamura Valuing beauty in the everyday object By Dasha Klyachko Miya Kitamura was born into a family of traditional ceramic artists in Kyoto and was making ceramics from an early age. Though she studied ceramics in high school and college, and was expected to take over the family business, Kitamura felt…


Glass artist brings Japanese sensibility to Venetian lace technique: Ushio Konishi

Sept.18 Dasha Klyachko

One of Japan’s more established contemporary glass artists, Ushio Konishi, is a world leader in the Venetian lace glass technique. This involves creating glass rods with a ‘lace’ pattern before blowing and shaping the final piece. The rods, also known as glass canes, are made by skillfully and delicately twisting molten glass of different colours,…