Contributor: devapnek


Going the Tourist Route (for a few hours)

Feb.17 devapnek

Dianne recalls her spring 2018 visit to her second home, Kyoto. Today we merged with a few of the thousands of Chinese tourists who come to Kyoto to view the cherry blossoms. There are droves of Chinese tourists who flock here eager to shop and have fun. Young Chinese women dress up in brightly colored…


Between Heaven and Earth

Nov.29 devapnek

Between Heaven and Earth After recovering from three somewhat harrowing days driving a rental car on the road in Japan, we learned , despite the high points of the trip, not to do it again. I also relearned that there is a very small margin of error between life and death on a snake like…


The Cat and the Mouse

Sept.20 devapnek

by devapnek I knew we were in for a visual fest last spring, when we received an invitation to join our friend Masa to visit a temple and garden that is only open to the public for a short time in the spring and autumn. I didn’t know that the visit would prompt a spontaneous…