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Gungendo – Pioneers in the Slow Clothes Movement

The Matsubas are to clothes what Alice Waters is to the Slow Food movement. Their 30-year old company, Gungendo, is dedicated to the principle of Slow Clothes, reflected in their strong commitment to supporting sustainable rural communities and retaining important textile-related skills in Japan. Their designs are not about fashion fads, but about timeless personal style, high quality and comfort. Tomi Matsuba, co-owner of Gungendo...

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Sou Sou, Visionary Japanese Clothing Maker

Sou Sou is a small, Kyoto-based apparel company that is re-interpreting Japanese traditional clothes for the 21st century.  They design and manufacture apparel which they sell in their own retail stores.  Within one block of a hip, back-street district of Kyoto, they have six stores, including a women’s shop, a men’s shop, a shoes and socks store, a sportswear store, a shop selling original design tenugui hand towels and furoshiki...

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