Examples of Baby Steps to a Glorious World

  1. Baby step: Bought a book at a local independent book store. Goal: support local retail culture
  2. Baby step: Baby step: Planted a begonia in a pot, placed next to my apartment door. Goal: beautify neighborhood, support local retail culture.
  3. Baby step: Baked a bread and shared with a neighbor whom I don’t know well. Goal: explore my creativity, brighten someone’s day.
  4. Baby step: Donated $5 to a tree planting non-profit. Goal: support Global Refresh.
  5. Baby step: Rescued a baby tree (from a weed eater) and re-planted it next to the freeway entrance. Goal: support Global Refresh, beautify an ugly place.
  6. Baby step: Walked one block farther than my usual international chain cafe to a mom and pop coffee bar. Goal: support local retail culture.
  7. Baby step: Taught some neighborhood children how to use an abacus. Goal: supporting local youth education.
  8. Baby step: Reduced my usual screen time today and wrote snail mail letters to a couple of old friends. Goal: promoting mindful, thoughtful activity.
  9. Baby step: Rode my bike to the market instead of driving. Goal: Support good air quality, strengthen my endurance and immune system.
  10. Baby step: Sat on my porch and greeted neighbors as they went by. Goal: support neighborhood goodwill.
  11. Baby step: Organized my book group to sponsor a goat for a Ugandan Family. Goal: assist in improving lives.
  12. Baby step: Started growing sprouts in my kitchen which I will share with neighbors. Goal: creativity, self-reliance, neighborhood goodwill.
  13. Baby step: Posted my favorite poet’s work on Facebook. Goal: supporting creativity.
  14. Baby step: Mindfully choose a very interesting and attractive outfit to wear to the supermarket today, rather than wear my default hoody and jeans. Goal: sharing my original style and self-expression with others.
  15. Baby step: Took down pictures on my wall and replaced them with others that were stuck in the closet. Goal: making my home more alive is a form of creativity.
  16. Baby step: Chose a youtube educational video over a video game. Goal: Stimulating my thinking process.



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