HIROSHIMA: CITY OF CRAFTSMANSHIP by Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom and Steve Beimel

Zoom-Zoom sent Japanophile Steve Beimel to meet some of the craftsmen and craftswomen in Mazda’s home city, Hiroshima.

Words Steve Beimel / Images Eric Micotto

Though fine craft traditions exist around the world, there may be no country that exceeds Japan in the sheer number and depth of master-level disciplines, truly rarefied expressions of the human spirit that have been refined over many years. I’ve chosen to interview people involved in four crafts in Hiroshima‘s illustrious craft community: ceramics, brush making, metal-leaf artisanship and master tool and die making at Mazda. Each of these people exemplifies a fervour-like commitment to craftsmanship through trial and error. Let’s examine their products, see their contrasting approaches to training and hear their thoughts about the continuation of their craft in the future.

Read the full article in Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom Magazine.


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