Saving Japanese Crafts: Interview with Steve Beimel Featured on ‘All About Japan’

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Soon after arriving in Japan in 1971, JLA’s founder Steve Beimel fell in love with Japanese crafts. Five decades later, deeply concerned about the lack of successors in traditional crafts, Steve founded JapanCraft21, an organization to save and revitalize most endangered master crafts, including Yuzen silk dying, three-dimensional silk weaving, washi papermaking and more. In a new interview, he explains his mission to Alice Gordenker, and what we can do to help.

Read the interview here on the “All About Japan” website.


  1. Chris Sawyer says:

    Hi Steve, I love your article and so appreciate what you’re doing . Looking forward to receiving “Handmade in Japan” which I sent for. We’ll never forget our wonderful tour of Japan with you.

  2. gregg says:

    Love you, Steve. Loved the pic of you with hair, too! Sheila, Sukey and I talk about our trip and about YOU all the time.

    Much love,

  3. Thank you, Steve, you have collected marvelous creations. Would love to see them lively someday. I take these articles to our Cultural Art club at the university of Kelaniya Sri Lanka. Will hope to promote your contributions to Sri Lankan education too.

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