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Feb.01 Steve Beimel

JapanCraft21主催バイメル・スティーブエンとジャーナリスト リチャード・バーナーのインタビューはこちら。 初めてのロニー賞受賞は堤卓也氏。 アワードセレモニーのビデオはここをクリック 優秀賞受賞者の皆さまおめでとうございます! 伝統的建築技法を学ぶ日曜塾(心町家塾) 最新情報はこちらをクリック! 2019年、JapanCraft21は内藤工務店と共に心町家塾を立ち上げました。木組みや竹の土壁などの、急速に消滅しつつある日本の建築技法を学ぶ若い大工の授業料を支援しています。 工芸の未来のために力を貸してくれている仲間たち     アドバイザーとボランティアの皆さま、ありがとうございます!  


Japan Traditional Craft Revitalization Contest – Award Ceremony July 6, 2021

Sept.30 Steve Beimel

Left to right: Sculptor YASUDA Kan, JapanCraft21 founder Steve Beimel and 2021 Ronnie Prize Winner, TSUTSUMI Takuya. ACCESS HERE to read an Interview of JapanCraft21 founder, Steve Beimel, with journalist Richard Varner and learn about the first Ronnie Prize Winner TSUTSUMI Takuya! ACCESS HERE to see Award Ceremony video CONGRATULATIONS to our Awards of Excellence…


Fascinating Japanese Photography by Sophie Bernard

May.13 Steve Beimel

@Untitled, from the series « Pretty Woman », 2017 © Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation. Courtesy of Akio Nagasawa Gallery Two outstanding 20th century Japanese photographers featured in an exhibition in Paris, entitled Moriyama–Tōmatsu: Tokyo. Venue: Maison Européenne de la Photographie Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tōmatsu had envisaged this project together, but the death of the…


Japanese Hikihaku Weaving (9-minute video)

May.08 Steve Beimel

 The Victoria and Albert Museum introduces one of the world’s greatest textile treasures, Japanese Hikihaku, an age-old weaving process that combines silk, handmade paper, gold leaf and such things as lapis lazuli or mother-of-pearl. Follow the process from concept to completion as overseen by 10th generation textile producer Kondaya Genbei, in Kyoto.


In Search of Forgotten Colours

Apr.15 Steve Beimel

World-renowned master textile dyer Sachio Yoshioka is featured in this 18-minute video  about the Art of Natural Dyeing.