Japan Traditional Craft Revitalization Contest – Award Ceremony July 6, 2021

Living Arts Steve Beimel

Left to right: Sculptor YASUDA Kan, JapanCraft21 founder Steve Beimel and 2021 Ronnie Prize Winner, TSUTSUMI Takuya.

ACCESS HERE to read an Interview of JapanCraft21 founder, Steve Beimel, with journalist Richard Varner and learn about the first Ronnie Prize Winner TSUTSUMI Takuya! ACCESS HERE to see Award Ceremony video

CONGRATULATIONS to our Awards of Excellence Recipients.

© 2021 Taishi Yokotsuka for Asia Society Japan Center & JapanCraft21

Banner created by Saya Mitchell

School of Traditional Building Arts (Shin-Machiya Juku)

ACCESS HERE to read the latest on this project!

In 2019, JapanCraft21 co-founded and fully funded a weekend school for young working building trades people in Kyoto, providing them with a free-of-charge pathway to true mastership of rapidly disappearing building skills (such as joinery and bamboo mud wall construction).

Thank you to our professional contest finalist judges.

Yuji AKIMOTO, Masamitsu SAITO, Reiko SUDO, Shihoko FUKUMOTO, Tsutomu HORIUCHI and Eriko HORIKI

Thank you to our team of qualifying judges who reviewed and processed our contest applications.


Intern of the Year Saya Mitchell


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