The Moon and the Printing Masters by Pen

The white star is particularly celebrated in Japan and has inspired various artists, whose works are featured in this leporello.

The moon occupies a special place in Japanese society, one that Anne Sefrioui’s book, La lune par les grands maîtres de l’estampe (‘The Moon by the Great Printing Masters’), seeks to examine. This set, made up of a leporello, an accordion-style book that can be folded and unfolded, and an explanatory booklet, offers a comprehensive overview of this star that appears at the boundary between day and night, reflecting light from the sun.

There is even a festival in its honour, o-tsukimi, which is celebrated between mid-September and the start of October. Families and friends gather to gaze at this star when it is full and when it is at its brightest all year. In the East, the moon does not have a reputation for melancholy as it does in the West. In Japan, it is a sign of prosperity, fertility and an abundant harvest.

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