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  • June.26

    Film Crew to Scale Sacred Mountain with Japan’s Tattooed Pilgrims


    Japan’s relationship with tattoos is notoriously complicated. Even at the height of their popularity during the Edo period, the samurai class made attempts to ban these creative decorations that depicted designs that were considered subversive. Because of their popularity, the bans were ineffective and so the culture of horimono — literally “engraving” — remained strong for…


    Wrapping Rap

    Jan.10 Gail Rieke

    Wrapping Rap by Gail Rieke ’Tis the season… so perhaps you are thinking about gifting and wrapping… I first learned about the Japanese art of packaging from a wonderful book called How to Wrap Five More Eggs by Hideyuki Oka from which I quote ”…the art of Japanese packaging has been disappearing almost as fast…


    The Vegetable Art of Noriko Nakane: “野菜礼讃 In Praise of Vegetables”

    Dec.31 Noriko Nakane

    by Noriko Nakane  “In Praise of Vegetables” Yasairaisan Series A. “Live the life you Love” B. “Fukiyose 2018″ C. “Zucchini Sticks” —————————————————————————— A. “Live the Life you Love” A. “Live the Life you Love:  Part 1” A. “Live the Life you Love:  Part 2” A. “Live the Life you Love:  Part 3” A. “Live the Life…


    A Taste of Culture ODEN

    Dec.09 Elizabeth Andoh

    by Elizabeth Andoh ODEN おでん Japan’s iconic ODEN is a slow-simmered, hodgepodge: fish sausages, daikon radishes, octopus, potatoes, boiled eggs, konnyaku (a broth-absorbing, speckled aspic processed from a tuber vegetable), and all sorts of tōfu. On the first chilly nights of autumn, oden is welcomed back to the family dinner table, pub-like izakaya menus and…


    Archives 2009 Omori-cho


    There are a few places in the world that are truly enchanting. One such place is a town of just 500 people that has touched my life and the lives of many people I have taken there. It is a town near the Sea of Japan in Shimane Prefecture, in a long narrow valley, tucked…