Reiko Sudo’s Textile Revolution by Pen

This textile design company that calls upon the skills of traditional weavers and dyers is now being celebrated in a book of photographs.

Published in 2021, the book Nuno, Visionary Japanese Textiles showcases over 300 creations from the company Nuno (‘textiles’ in Japanese). Founded in 1984 by designers Junichi Arai and Reiko Sudo, it built up a reputation thanks to its traditional yet innovative techniques. ‘When we create our textiles, nature and tradition are woven with technology’, explains the brand’s official website. 

Reiko Sudo and Naomi Pollock’s book, divided into eight thematic chapters with onomatopoeic titles (Fuwa FuwaKira KiraZawa Zawa…), offers an in-depth exploration of the physical sensations and emotions provoked by fabrics. To illustrate the texts—including essays by author Haruki Murakami and architect Toyo Ito—photographer Masayuki Hayashi gathered over 3200 images of 426 types of textiles over a three-year period. 

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