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  • Sept.16

    Amane Tatsumura Contemporary Weaving Artist

    Sept.16 Amane Tatsumura

    by Amane Tatsumura, As a child, I used to play in a workshop where some of the world’s most talented weavers sat at wooden looms and created masterpieces. Today, I am a 4th generation weaver in Kyoto. I design and weave one-of-a-kind art pieces. Instead of paints and brushes, I have chosen to make original…


    I Only Have Eyes for Blue (and White)


    by Amy Katoh, author, lecturer


    Koho Tatsumura’s contemporary designs in the hands of the world’s finest weavers

    Aug.09 Contemporary Art Kyoto

    Koho Tatsumura Nishiki Weaving for the 21st Century. Japanese weaving is so intricate and thus so stunningly beautiful that experts worldwide have come to both describe it and distinguish it from ordinary brocade simply by using its Japanese name, Nishiki (pronounced as in knee-she-key.)


    Gungendo – Pioneers in the Slow Clothes Movement

    June.29 Shops

    The Matsubas are to clothes what Alice Waters is to the Slow Food movement. Their 30-year old company, Gungendo, is dedicated to the principle of Slow Clothes, reflected in their strong commitment to supporting sustainable rural communities and retaining important textile-related skills in Japan. Their designs are not about fashion fads, but about timeless personal…


    Yuzen Shirts by Hiroshi Saito


    Whenever I wear a Hiroshi Saito Shirt in Japan or North America, I am always asked about it.


    Opposites Attract: Dyers and Innovators, Shigeki and Shihoko Fukumoto – part 1 (re-post from 2010)

    Sept.10 Indigo

    In Collaboration with Photographer, Helen Hasenfeld © Photos by Helen Hasenfeld By Steve Beimel and Rob Schultheis Shigeki and Shihoko Fukumoto are dyeing artists — and husband and wife. They met while in university, traveled and grew together, and now in their early sixties they are known for their innovations in dyeing techniques. These days…