Isohi Setsuko basketry show at Tai Modern in Santa Fe

Crafts Gail Rieke

A wonderful show of contemporary basketry features the work of
Isohi Setsuko. A relatively young woman in a field of craft dominated by elder men, this woman has shown herself to be extraordinary in design, skill, and inventiveness. Her lightness of touch and bold forms weave exquisite materials to honor her teachers and inspire future generations. She says, “My goal is to create works of art that have strength and give people a sense of excitement and joy.”

Gail Rieke is an internationally recognized collage/ assemblage/ installation artist and teacher who lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She also publishes a monthly blog, ridetheflyingcarpet.blogspot.com.   Gail has traveled to Japan many time over the years, and has co-led numerous tours with Steve Beimel.


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