Contributor: Simon Pilling


WAKAMIYA TAKASHI Part of the new generation of lacquer artists

July.04 Simon Pilling

Japanese lacquer – urushi – is one of the wonders of traditional Japanese craft. From the moment of its discovery by the West, with the arrival of Portuguese traders in the mid-16th century, it was sought by royal, aristocratic and wealthy families in Europe and the United States. Inevitably expensive due to the time, patience…


Ando Saeko, Japanese lacquer artist

Oct.20 Simon Pilling

Ando Saeko, Japanese lacquer artist Since relocating her studio from Hanoi to Hoi An in 2016, Saeko has been immersed in the energy of Nature which is ‘so powerful here that I have become just one of the creatures in the middle of it’. Vietnamese lacquer has long been the perfect material for her creative…


Lacquer artist, Seiichiro Fujino

Sept.02 Simon Pilling

by Simon Pilling, specialist in Japanese lacquer ware Lacquer – the most perfect and finest objects ever issued from the hand of man (Louis Gonse, L’Art Japonais, 1900) Lacquer ware has traditionally defined arts of Japan in the West – the western name  ‘japanning’ once having as powerful a resonance as ‘china’ still has in defining the…