‘Tokyo Godfathers’, in Search of Redemption by Pen


Gin, an alcoholic with his life in ruins, Hana, a transgender woman and Miyuki, a teenage runaway, play the anti-heroes in the third animated film by Satoshi Kon, Tokyo Godfathers (2003). On Christmas Eve, the three eccentric protagonists find a newborn baby in a heap of rubbish and name her Kiyoko (‘pure child’ in Japanese). Following this chance encounter, they decide to go looking for the baby’s biological mother. This marks the beginning of their journey over several days through the snowy Tokyo streets.

After Perfect Blue (1997) and Millenium Actress (2001), the Japanese filmmaker directed a comedy inspired by the western 3 Godfathers by John Ford (1948). Despite a lack of success when it was released in cinemas, the feature film was named Best Animation Film at the Mainichi Film Awards that same year.

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