Buaisou: Four Young Guys – A New Generation of Indigo Dyers

Buaisou Indigo by Matt Gross from AirBnB Magazine. Introduction by Mora Chartrand
Main Article: Buaisou Indigo from AirBnB magazine, written by Matt Gross

If there is one color that epitomizes Japan for me, it is indigo — deep, mystical, midnight blue. The oldest evidence tells us that indigo dyeing first appeared in Japan in the 10th century. Though the following article refers to Indigo dying as a “lost art”, I think “shrunken art” may be more appropriate. Not only is it available here and there, but it has been experiencing a budding renaissance for quite some time in Japan. Young artists and designers are creating everything from textiles to apparel, becoming the new ambassadors for this adored natural plant dye. To read more about one such enterprise, click the Airbnb magazine link. And don’t be alarmed at the sight of hands-turned-blue from dyeing. It is not only all natural, but Indigo is an herbal tonic that is good for both skin and stomach. And it will eventually wash off.

–Mora Chartrand is also known as the Foodies’ Foodie, a contributing editor to JLA


  1. love the video, I can almost smell the indigo dye.

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